Pupil Character

Pioneer Learning Charter

  • Use our learning powers and success criteria to help us understand and move forward with
    our learning.
  • Ensure that our learning matters to us.
  • Learning will be exciting and we will be curious to find out more.
  • Develop our growth mindset and use high level thinking to extend learning and challenge
  • Respond to our marking and ways forward and improve our learning.
  • Choose and use the equipment in our classroom to help us extend and support our learning.
  • Working together, showing respect for others to reach the high challenges.

Learning Powers

Professor Brain is quite the genius! The professor’s main aim is brain growth through continuous learning, development and practicing of skills.
Inspector Ingenious is fantastic at thinking outside the box. The Inspector uses creativity to solve problems, design ideas and create artistic displays.
The Growth Mindset Hero is tough and strong. The hero can persevere, either independently or with support, when faced with difficult challenges and has an ‘I can’ attitude. The hero shows determination and resilience, even when they think a task is ‘out of this world’.
Detective Find-It is great at solving problems and using thinking skills to make links between ideas, get to a solution and find out exactly what is going on!
Captain Britain is a great citizen and shows British Values! The Captain understands the laws of the land and follows them every day, while also encouraging democracy amongst peers. The Captain respects the views, faiths, beliefs and needs of others and helps everyone to achieve their best.


At Pioneer, we want to give children the tools to become independent learners and help them to rely less on the adults in their classrooms, and more on themselves and their friends. The 6 Bs are strategies that the children can use before automatically asking an adult for help. By keeping calm, using their previous learning, their environment and their peers, children learn how to be independent and become more confident in their own ability to solve problems. The 6 Bs are also linked with our belief that having a growth mindset will help the children to achieve much more than they might think they are capable of!