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Pioneer Federation Growth

June 2014

The Pioneer Federation started life as a partnership arrangement between East Hoathly CE Primary and Chiddingly Primary.

November 2015

As a result of the tremendous success of the partnership and the rapid transformation at East Hoathly and Chiddingly, the soft partnership developed to a federation.

September 2017

The Pioneer Federation went into partnership with St Mary’s Hartfield CE Primary.

March 2018

St Mary’s Hartfield joined the Pioneer Federation.

September 2020

The Pioneer Federation went into partnership with Park Mead Primary. Read our partnership updates 12th June, 28th September & 24th November

April 2021

Park Mead Primary joined the Pioneer Federation. Read our February Consultation Letter & April Decision to Proceed.

Pioneer Federation Vision and Values

Whilst preserving each school's unique characters, we all work closely together to drive the development of provision and wellbeing across the three schools and hopefully plan to extend to involve other schools in the future.

Federation staff at INSET training September 2019

Our shared vision and set of values that underpin all that we do, have a central focus on creative, innovative and engaging teaching that develops a love and interest in learning and promotes whole federation community wellbeing. Our vision is for our children to value learning as a creative endeavour that underpins their aspirations for great futures and to ensure that we are all focused on seeing opportunities and believing that anything is possible. We craft meaningful contexts for learning and tasks that develop key skills for independence, confidence and resilience, which actively engage children.

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East Hoathly Staff Team

Chiddingly Staff Team

St Mary's Staff Team

James Procter is the Pioneer Executive Headteacher and can be contacted at

Alan Brundle is the Pioneer Chair of Governors and can be contacted at

The Clerk to the Governors can be contacted at

Vicky Lewis is the
Head of School
at East Hoathly
and can be contacted at

Kayleigh Vile is the
Head of School
at Chiddingly
and can be contacted at

Becca Hare is the
Head of School
at St Mary's
and can be contacted at

At the Pioneer Federation, we are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all our children and we expect all staff, volunteers, parents and carers to share this commitment. If you have any concerns about the welfare of a child, please email the Designated Safeguarding Lead for East Hoathly (,  Chiddingly ( or St Mary's (dsl‑