The Pioneer Federation Pupil Governors

East Hoathly Pupil Governors

There are 6 Pupil Governors at East Hoathly, with one child from each year group in KS1 & KS2. They are responsible for helping make decisions about our school, events and fundraising. Each child also holds a secondary role as an RE Council member. They help embed the vision and values within the school community. They consider how the decisions made at school reflect our values.

Chiddingly Pupil Governors

We meet regularly to share pupil voice, come up with ideas, then feedback to our classes.

St Mary's Pupil Governors

KS1 & KS2 classes have elected two children to be their representatives as Pupil Governors. The Pupil Governors meet regularly to discuss suggestions put forward by their respective classes. They are the voice of the pupils and are expected to be good role models and ambassadors for the school. The Pupil Governors are also our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors.

Park Mead Pupil Governors

Park Mead pupil governors are the voice of the children of Park Mead.  They meet regularly to discuss issues that the children feel passionate about, in a clear and positive manner.  They feedback any discussions so all children know their ideas are valued and have an impact on school life.

They make a difference and support others by using our key skills of ‘Listening, Speaking, Teamwork, Problem Solving and Leadership.’

Each pupil governor will link up with an adult from the governing body so that they can develop  links and discuss important information.

Federation Community Links

Since February, the Pupil Governors from all schools have been working together to host a Charity fundraising event. The leaders helped choose three local charities- Baby2Baby, Chestnut Tree House & Raystede, which school councils took to classes to vote. The children across all four schools voted hugely for Raystede, and school councils have been working together to choose events to host. Together, we are each hosting 1 individual event, and 1 sponsored federation event which is due to take place on the 7th June 2024. Updates to follow about finalised events!