School Uniform

Please order your school uniform directly from KidsBiz


    • Trousers/skirt/pinafore – grey/black 
    • Shirt/blouse, polo or cotton – white 
    • Tights/socks – white/grey/black 
    • Black low heeled shoes (no trainers) 
    • Maroon sweatshirt / cardigan with Park Mead logo 
    • Boots can be worn to school in inclement weather and changed for school shoes indoors.


As above 

  • Tailored shorts – grey/black 
  • or red check dress

PE Kit

  • School T-shirt – maroon 
  • Shorts (not Bermuda or tight fitting) – black 
  • Plimsolls, trainers, lace up, velcro – black 
  • Black tracksuit bottoms or long leggings

Hair Style

For health and safety reasons, please tie back long hair. We request that haircuts do not follow fashion as this causes a distraction. Mohican styles, tramlines, bleached or dyed hair are not permitted.


Earrings will need to be removed by your child during P.E. and games sessions. In the case of very recent piercings (up to 6 weeks) the earrings may be covered with micro-pore tape during P.E lessons.  

A watch may be worn but will need to be removed for PE.


Nails varnish / fake nails should not be worn to school.