At St Mary's, we ensure that anti-bullying is a priority and one that all members of the school community share responsibility for, including pupils and parents. We have an Anti-Bullying Steering Group comprised of staff, parents, governors and our UKS2 Pupil Governors, who have undertaken an evaluation of the quality of the school’s current anti-bullying provision and are working hard to make sure St Mary's is a safe, open and caring environment for all. Our current members are:

  • Miss Banks (Senior Teacher)
  • Mrs Trengove (Lilac Class TA & Thrive Practitioner)
  • Hilary Rowberry (Governor)
  • Kay Carpenter (Parent)

Please do come and speak to us if you have any questions or you would be interested in joining the Anti-Bullying Steering Group!

Miss Banks
Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Rowberry
Lead Governor for St Mary's Anti-bullying Provision

The Anti-Bullying Quality Mark is a national scheme which shows how good schools are at preventing bullying. It challenges schools to set up effective and sustainable anti-bullying policies and strategies and make them part of their everyday life.

St Mary the Virgin Primary School achieved the ABQM-UK Bronze Award because staff, pupils and parents and Governors demonstrated that anti-bullying is a whole school priority in which they all play an active role. Pupils are actively involved in the development of anti-bullying in the school. As a result of their work, the academy has established a range of approaches to make sure that students feel safe and included.

We would like to congratulate Abbie Banks for her coordination of this achievement, as well as their colleagues, governors, pupils and parents for their hard work. We hope that the Bronze award recognises their efforts and inspires them to work towards achieving the ABQM-UK Silver Award.