The Pioneer Federation Vision and Values

Pioneer Vision & Values

Our vision is for our children to be the best they can be in all they do, and to value learning as creative and irresistible experiences that underpin their aspirations for great futures. We are all focused on providing equal opportunities for all our children and believing that anything is possible.

Our shared vision and set of values† that underpin all that we do have a central focus on creative, innovative and engaging teaching that develops a love and interest in learning and promotes whole federation community wellbeing. Our children learn to respect and appreciate the world around them, so they leave us as conscientious 21st Century citizens of the world.

Across all schools, Pioneer Federation teachers work collaboratively to design lessons and activities that engage children in meaningful experiences. Our Church Schools work closely with the Diocese of Chichester, under God’s rule and following the example of Jesus.

The Pioneer Curriculum Framework has been designed to ensure that all children, no matter their ability, background or starting point, are provided with the opportunities to build on learning term-on-term, year-on-year.

Each term has a focussed topic theme in which the National Curriculum skills and knowledge from the different subjects are carefully aligned to ensure a correlated cross-curricular approach to children’s learning. Staff work in partnership with each other across all schools by sharing planning and resources, and supporting each other to be the best we can be in all we do. Through carefully planned questioning, teachers are able to skilfully guide children through a journey of learning that culminates in a secure understanding of a given concept.

Positive attitudes, a strong sense of self, a clear sense of purpose and, importantly, a sense of belonging, are prerequisites to effective learning.

At Pioneer, we are committed to establishing learning environments that not only stimulate and engage, but also engender a sense of purpose and identity.

Our federation values are ‘achievement for all, learning together, learning for life’.